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With conventional banking institutions making it more difficult for people to borrow money as the lending criteria are now tightened up, chances of getting a loan becomes harder for blacklisted applicants. They do not find ways to get money for even their daily urgent expenses. Most of them need cash as emergency funds but no traditional lender will approve them. However, blacklisted payday loans are still the right solutions for this bunch of people. These are unsecured loans, meaning that blacklisted people do not have to put something against the loan with the lender. So, there are no risks for the borrowers.

At, we are a reliable source of fast cash for blacklisted people. We have devised services especially for them as local traditional lenders in South Africa have closed doors on them. Our services are crucial for blacklisted applicants since there are many loan sharks waiting to exploit conditions of such people.

Many dubious lenders in South Africa charge up-front fees or exceptionally high interest rates from blacklisted people when lending them money. But this is illegal activity. You should stay away from such fraudulent lenders. Unfortunately, they will prey on the applicants with who are blacklisted and need cash urgently.

So, make sure that you apply for the loan through credible sites like ours. We understand that cash loans for blacklisted same day approval for urgency are available for people who have faulted badly on previous payments of bills and loans. But that does not mean that life has stopped moving. They should also have the right to live. Therefore, we have devised ways to deliver them the cash for urgency.

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The Loan Amount

Despite your status of being a blacklisted applicant, you can borrow R500 to R15000. The amount you qualify for will depend on your existing repayment ability. You must be earning regularly through a job. Just prove your monthly income for last three months, and we can ensure cash for your condition.

But do not expect a very high amount of cash if your repayment capacity does not match it. Still, you are assured of timely payment of your bills from the borrowed cash.

Repayment Term on Payday Loans for Blacklisted

You can pay back the cash in 30 days when getting your next paycheque. But if you want to, the lender allows you to pay off the loan even earlier in two weeks only so that you do not have to pay more interest charges. But if you are able to borrow a greater amount, the lender will approve you the cash for even two to three months, depending on the loan amount.

Who is Eligible for Blacklisted Cash Loans?

Do not worry if you are blacklisted. We can still find out the lenders who approve payday loans for blacklisted. But you have to fulfill the following conditions.

  • Your current age must be above 18 years
  • You must be a resident of South Africa
  • Prove your employment status by giving salary slips of the past three months

These are the only parameters for approval of blacklisted payday loans for people like you.

Everything Online

We conduct the business of lending online and no paperwork is involved. With us, all you need to do is to file your loan application on our online easy application on this site. Give your personal details such as your name, email address and loan amount etc and leave the rest on us.

We will not ask you to submit documents physically to any loan store. Every processing stage of the loan is completed online. You will submit the papers regarding your monthly salary and bank statements online that you can easily upload through our site. So, you get instant payday loans no paper check South Africa without hassles.

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No Credit Checks

You are blacklisted because of you defaulted on payment of bills and loans in the past frequently. The lenders, therefore, do not believe your pleas of making timely payment for the fresh loan. However, we understand your urgent need for cash very well. So, we have the lenders in our panel who do not make any credit check on any borrower including people like you who are blacklisted.

When you apply through this site, your bad credit history and a very low credit score are not taken into account. No lender will make any credit check on you. So, there is no threat of worsening of your credit record further.

Moreover, we can help you improve your credit score. As you borrow the fresh payday loans for blacklisted no credit checks, you should repay it on time, which will improve your credit record a bit. Whenever you borrow the new loan repay it without delay and gradually your credit score will improve and lenders will regain their faith in you. Next time, they may be willing to consider you a new loan readily. There is no paperwork involved when you take out blacklisted payday loans no documents through our services. Everything is processed online when you avail of our expertise and services.

So, payday loans for blacklisted people in Cape Town are easier solutions when they want to come out of a financial trouble until next month. Apply with us in an efficient and easier way.

All you need to do is to give us your personal details in our online easy application form for blacklisted payday loans seekers. Your entire personal information is safe and secured from any possibility of theft. We share your details only with the concerned lenders and not with any other party. We believe in helping blacklisted borrowers with the intention of providing them the cash they deserved to deal with emergency expenses. Our services for payday loans no paperwork or phone calls are your best bet to get the money in a safe and secure manner and without any hassles involved.

So, get started with us right away by giving us the details. We will arrange the best lenders for your circumstances so that you do not have to search around when you need money instantly. You can depend on our expertise in finding out a loan precisely for your situation.

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